Jesus Was A Rebel


Jesus Was A Rebel

Jesus Was A Rebel

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an obscure website that had video footage from a revival that took place at Asbury Theological Seminary in the early 70’s. I wasn’t looking for old videos about revivals, but my curiosity pushed me to click the videos, maybe so I could laugh at old hairdos or clothing that I might have worn back in the day.  What happened over the next hour can only be the direction of God to view these videos.  They aren’t fancy or earth shaking.  They are just videos of some of the morning chapel services where the revival had it’s beginnings.  Students gathered for Morning Prayer, a time of testimony, worship, and a time for kneeling before the Lord with open hearts.  What normally lasted for thirty minutes, spontaneously stretched into months of unending prayer, repentance and revival. Night and day, around the clock, there were people who came from around the country to enter into prayer, repentance and the Lord’s presence.  People came to know Jesus in a very real and tangible relationship.  What amazed me were the Professors of the Theological Seminary who stood before the students, confessing that they had lived their life as pretenders of the faith and not contenders for the faith.  Students confessed their sin and need of a savior in front of their classmates.  It was not a revival of legalism or something that someone “tried” to make happen.  It just happened!  Not really!  Nothing ever “just happens”.  I wanted to know, how did that revival take place.  What was the groundwork, the preparation, and the nuts and bolts of a true move of God.  I then watched the video as the Dean of Students spoke about the revival, in retrospect, as it took place in his eyes.

The revival started at the chapel service.  The Dean was away on business.  He received a call from a staff member that there was a problem with Chapel.  The Dean reassured the staff person in charge that they could handle any problem and there was no need to contact him on such simple matters.  The staff person said that this problem was too big for them to handle.  He told the Dean that they couldn’t get the students to leave chapel.  He said they were crying out to God, weeping, repenting, singing, laughing and there was no one in the classes, they were all in chapel.  Chapel had been going on for almost twelve hours.  The dean gave them very important instructions.  He told them to do absolutely nothing at all.  Leave them alone; it must be a visitation from God.  

The dean then began to reveal what had been happening for several weeks prior to the out break or revival.  I don’t think revival just happens, I think there are pre-requisites that go before, if we can just discover these secrets and implement them, we’ll see an outbreak, or revival, or manifestation like these did.

The Dean said that there were six students who had been meeting on a regular basis to pray for revival on the campus.  They were hungry for God.  They committed themselves to pray daily, individually for a few minutes every morning, and then to come together as a group and pray.  There was a hunger, prayer for revival, and gathering together to pray for revival; that was the basics for revival.  These students had grown weary of the stories of the good old days of how things used to be in peoples lives.  They felt like they had been forced to live on leftovers from someone’s old moldy manna.  They wanted a current day experience with God.  Not some weird abnormal conjured up religious sideshow, but a real experience with the Holy Spirit.  They desired to know Christ in the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings.  THAT I MAY KNOW HIM!

These students, with no publicity, no fanfare, no prideful display of flesh, quietly went about their lives, but honoring their commitment to pray daily for a few minutes concerning revival in their lives and on the campus, and to join together as a group to pray together for revival.  THEY WERE CONVINCED THAT IF THEY FOLLOWED THE SCRIPTURE THAT GOD WOULD SHOWUP!  And God showed Himself faithful to those who sought Him.  That revival affected every state in America and parts of the world.  It started with a handful of students who were just hungry for God.

The revival has so much detail that I don’t want to put in this article because the details of the aftermath of revival is not what I was drawn too.  It was the foundations that were laid by those few people,  that is what I was drawn to.  That is what I propose to you today.

So many times in scripture we read about preparation.  It’s the preparation of a thing that makes such a desirable outcome.  We love the outcome, but we curse the preparation.  Recently we have had a house full of company and we have had some great meals to sit and enjoy.  To enjoy the roast, the mashed potatoes, the squash casserole, the baked sweet potatoes, the sweet tea, the chocolate cake, the lemon cake, the red velvet cake, SOMEBODY HAD TO TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE THE PREPARATIONS.  There have been a few times where women were in the kitchen for half the day, to prepare, to lay the groundwork, to do what was necessary for the meal that would be spread on the table.  We celebrate the outcome, but don’t give much attention to the preparation.

The older I get the more I become dissatisfied with living on my yesterday’s manna from God.  Leftovers are great for a few days, but eventually you have to throw them out and make new preparations.  I know of churches as well as ministers that have become satisfied with going through the motions of church without the presence of God.  They have become appreciators of worship rather than participators of worship.  We love good preaching, but we have sacrificed our passion for God’s presence with a desire just to hear good preaching.  We want someone else to get a WORD FROM GOD for us, while we no longer long to hear His sweet whispers of love and direction.  

Something is changing!  There is a shift in the atmosphere!  Destiny has drawn us together!  Purpose has pushed us to the same place!  We are a group of disenfranchised, disillusioned, desperate disciples who are tired of the same old routines, the same church stuff that doesn’t bring life!  You and I, we are rebels!  Oh yes we are!  Rebels for the cause of Christ!  We don’t want religion with its legalistic form of Godliness but no power to support its professions of faith.  

Jesus was a rebel!  He over turned the tables in the temple and declared that man had made it all about money and His father wanted it to be all about prayer!  Prayer, relationship, communion with God, that’s what it’s all about!  Our country and our city’s are in need of an old fashioned revival of God’s presence, but somebody has to be willing to make preparation.  We can’t expect something to happen in our country that’s nothappening in our churches.   We can’t expect something to happen in our church’s that’s not taking place in the pulpit.  So, I declare to you that revival must start with me!  I’m willing to pray the price!  I am hungry for God!  I need Him more today than I have ever needed Him.  I will commit to pray daily for personal revival as well as revival at Trinity Life Centre!  Will you?  If you will commit to a few minutes daily for prayer concerning revival, and then commit to join me on Saturday evening, it’s vital, I promise you we will begin to make preparations for a divine display of God’s glory in our midst like you’ve never seen.  

Father, in the name of your Son, whom we love, serve and adore, Jesus!  I ask you to do in us what we can’t do for ourselves!  Break our hearts in your presence, let us be as the priests of old who cried out to you and wept in prayer just for your presence to manifest!  As we pray as a family, let your glory fill our lives, our minds, and our homes, and as we purpose to join together as a church family, show us yourself!  Reveal yourself to us in dimensions we’ve not been permitted to experience.  Your purpose has pushed us together!  Let the revival, the stirring of new zeal, a desire for you, begin in me.  As it begins in me, let it flow to the family of faith at Trinity Life Centre.  Send us revival, the rain that you promised, the former and the latter, and let the harvest begin!  In the name of Jesus!  Amen!

2Ch 7:14  “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”